Many people think that the interview is handled and controlled by an interviewer and hence many people have fear to face an interview.

What if you have the power to control the interview?

What if you can make an interviewer ask you the questions you want him to ask?

Does it help help you remove your fear of facing those questions?

I have a record of cracking all my interviews in the very first attempt and I know the way to control the interview.

In this course I am sharing with you some important secrets which will help you face any interview without any fear.

Hi, I’m Vireesh Basavaraj

I am a certified Career Breakthrough Expert and Relationship Coach.

When I was working in corporate I got fed up with the mediocracy and the life I was leading and hence I found digital marketing filed as the fastest growing field and started making my side income through this.

I was able to create a sustainable second source of income which has helped me quit my job and live my dream life and follow my passion.

As many people are unaware about how they can make money online, through this course I am trying to share my knowledge on the same which can make you look at this domain seriously.

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